Brand Strategy

We love nothing more that solving a tricky puzzle. We see strategy as a way of guiding and showing the possibilities of what could be. When you’re in the midst of brand building it can be hard to step out and have a clear view. So we are here to do that for you. The whole team at Buddy loves thinking deeply as well as creatively, so it makes sense that we like making sense of the challenges you bring our way. At the very least, we always create our own creative brief from your brief, digging into the heart of the issue and setting out how we mean to go on: differently. But we also can set our minds to solving trickier issues through our creative lens, looking at it from all angles to find the fresh perspective that finally untangles even the knottiest of issues. We also love working on fresh new brands who have a blank page before them (which can be terrifying for some, but we love it!).