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“If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it”?! With legacy brands that have stood the test of time this is quite often the case. So when Aspall Cyder asked us to help them with some stand-out and cohesive design issues we were very mindful not to upset the apple cart.

Aspall Cyder has undergone quite a few updates over the years but after a recent consumer brand perception review it was revealed that there was a significant disparity between how the brand appeared in off-trade versus on-trade settings and whilst the iconic ‘champagne’ inspired bottle has long been synonymous with elegance and premium quality, the packaging lacked continuity and was failing to capture the attention of modern cider enthusiasts.

We drew upon the strengths of older designs, reintroducing the stand-out oval label to highlight the bottle’s silhouette, while stylistically simplifying and bringing together the graphics to create a stronger sum-of-the-parts presentation. The addition of the ‘Aspall sun-motif’ on the new neck label ensured the premium height of the bottle stood out on shelves.

There was a need for better consumer navigation across the brand’s portfolio so we built-in a simple range segmentation system, helping consumers find the perfect cider for their drinking occasion.

Our revamped multipacks for the brand transformed these previously perceived ‘shippers’ to premium secondary packs that celebrate both the product and the drinking occasion.

And with a challenge to not lose brand recognition and the brand’s premium values we developed the design for a sleek 330ml slimline can ensuring design consistency with the bottle updates; whether at a festival or on the beach the introduction of this new format is ideal for those ‘out and about’ drinking occasions.

Throughout the project it was important to us to maintain the essence of the Aspall Cyder brand whilst enhancing its effectiveness in the market. The result is a refreshed Aspall Cyder brand and packaging that retains its iconic charm, yet stands-out, feels fresh, coherent, and ultimately desirable to consumers for today’s cider-drinking occasions.

For a Super Premium Brand it was vital for us to work with an agency with attention to detail and excellent execution, Buddy were the perfect partner for us, they’re also very agile and collaborative and we would highly recommend them as an agency.
Samantha Maynard, Senior Brand Manager, Aspall Cyder
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