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A stone’s throw away from the Southwestern Distillery lies the beautiful Constantine Bay facing the wild and beautiful Atlantic ocean, this iconic Cornish beach is the namesake behind the distillery’s craft vodka brand – Connie Glaze.

Crafted in small batches, Connie Glaze is slowly filtered through purified, golden sand then blended with distilled water to create an exceptionally pure and smooth vodka, perfect for creating sophisticated sun-down cocktails or simply refreshing tall drinks.

On the rise since 2020 the world of craft vodka has been following on the tails of the gin boom of the previous decade, with consumers looking for genuine, authentic vodkas that bring a contrast to the mass-produced global brands. Provenance, unique ingredients, production methods, flavours and different serve suggestions are all piquing the interest of the expert mixologists and discerning vodka drinkers.

Inspired by the soft gentle ripples left in the sand on the outward tide we designed a bottle structure that captured that idyllic, organic moment and natural, undulating pattern, reflecting the vodka’s smooth, slow sand-filtered method of purification and the brand’s natural coastal connection. Dressed with a subtly textured paper label, printed and embossed with a unique hand-lettered signature logotype to speak delicately of the brand’s artisanal credentials.

Topped and tailed – The base of the bottle is embossed with the brand’s hour glass icon and the wooden-topped cork closure is sealed with a simple blue tamper proof label, foil-finished with the brand’s slow-sand filtered messaging.

The result – a premium brand and bottle that celebrates the vodka’s pure, smooth profile its small-batch craft method of production and its unique provenance story that would look as good in a beach bar as it would in a premium bar night-club in New York.

Another great project with Buddy! Super excited to make a splash into a new spirits category with our Connie Gaze Slow Sand Filtered Vodka. The bottle and brand is absolutely stunning!
Tarquin Leadbetter, Founder, Southerwestern Distillery
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