Awestruck Cider

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America’s craft beer revolution has reawakened interest in the world of hard cider, and local, organic and artisanal brews are now being joined on the shelf by mass-produced corporate brands.

For Awestruck, it was an opportunity to stake its claim as an authentic craft cider, challenge consumer perceptions of the category and educate American tastebuds on how hard cider should taste.

To help Awestruck make its point, we created an iconic and communicative brand mark. Blending a bold monogram with a hidden exclamation point, the identity reflects the surprising taste of the cider while reinforcing both the brand name Awestruck and the Hard Cider descriptor.

We applied the identity across all packaging, the clear colour coding communicates the brand’s unusual range of flavours, which include Hibiscus Ginger and Lavender Hops. Further label graphics, including a taste profiling system, enable consumers to find the cider that’s right for them.

Also appearing on stationary and all promotional items, this bold and refreshing identity echoes the brand’s New York State provenance and leaves consumers in no doubt that they’re about to be Awestruck!

What can we begin to say? Working with Buddy Creative has had a more profound impact on the success and growth of our business than any other single factor. Their team is wildly creative and massively professional. The work they have done, and continue to do, truly leaves us Awestruck™. We are devout fans for life. I think we might love them more than our own children (just kidding, we don’t have children {but if we did, we probably would}).
Patricia Wilcox, Co-Founder, Gravity Ciders
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