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In deepest Devon, nestling in rolling hills on the edge of Dartmoor, is Eversfield Farm. The Bury family – father Mark, son Hamish and daughter Anna – dreamt of a business where the animals and land receive the very best care, producing prize-winning, traditionally-reared, organic meat.

When the farm took the decision to step into charcuterie – territory once considered to be the preserve of continental countries
– it needed packaging that could instantly convey its higher standard of animal welfare and premium quality, alongside more familiar French, Spanish and Italian competition.

It wasn’t a cut-and-dried process. But through our free-thinking process of creative play, we were able to develop a name that combined notions of liberated livestock and savoury superiority (with the bonus of a deliciously pigtailesque ampersand). The brand identity displays just the hind-quarters of happy animals disappearing off the front of each pack, emphasising their freedom to wander, and some cultured typography reflecting the craft of the curing process.

Next to its continental rivals, we think it’s a range that stands apart from the herd and wins the heart of compassionate meat-lovers who want reassurance that genuine care has gone into the creation of their antipasti and meaty nibbles at every stage.

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