Dig around and discover
what makes us tick
Dig around and
discover what
makes us tick

We’re a close-knit, multi-disciplinary studio in the heart of the South West. Located in a bright and airy studio in the historic part of the city of Exeter, we love our calm space away from the crowds (but still within a stone’s throw of good coffee, great food and buzzy student life).

What we do

Our team love to get stuck into a diverse range of challenges and come out with winning solutions. Over the years, we’ve worked with some leading names in food, lifestyle and beverages including Sharps Brewery, Tarquin’s Gin & Tesco creating robust design that is as meaningful and memorable as it is effective.

How we do it

We always start by digging deeper: taking our time to find the fresh perspective. Which leads us into an intense process of creative play: we work hard, but we play harder still, taking time as a collective to explore and extrapolate in every direction until we get to one, two or even a few brilliant ideas we can really get our teeth into. We call these “ideas with bite” because they are never about mere aesthetics, they deliver something MORE; gaining people’s trust, excitement and devotion by capturing their imaginations and without sounding too loftytheir hearts and souls.

It’s why we talk about the importance of being connected by ideas: we create stronger bonds between brands and people through the ideas we create.

Where we do it

Located in the friendly and fresh South West, our team love coming into our studio in Hem’s Mews. Rich in history, there are little reminders everywhere that legendary stonemason Harry Hems and his thriving creative workshop once occupied the space we now call home. There’s something to be said for sharing the same space as a master craftsman… It spurs us on to do great things.

Best in show

We’ve won a whole heap of shiny awards over the years. It’s never the reason we go to work each day, but it’s always nice to be recognized for our hard work and good ideas, so next time you’re passing, take a look at our awards cabinet and check out our pedigree.

Who we've worked with

Here are some of the great brands, big and small, we’ve been lucky enough to work with - and call friends - over the years.

Unleash Your Potential

We’re always eager to hear from talented individuals. If you’re interested in an internship or in working with us, kindly submit your CV and portfolio to: jobs@buddycreative.com

We welcome applicants from underrepresented or non-traditional backgrounds.

Fresh off the press

Here, we fetch you the latest studio news to keep you in the loop on what we’re up to, what we’ve finished and what we’ve won. You can put your name down to receive for (very) occasional emails about our latest launches, here.