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With competition intensifying, Tarquin’s, the booming coastal Cornish distillery set up by chef Tarquin Leadbetter wanted to finesse its fleet of gins – to express its quality and provenance among crowded shelves, and win envious looks from other brands stuck in stock bottles.

Following our refresh Tarquin's Gin became Amazon's No. 1 Best Selling Gin on Black Friday for 3 consecutive years

We replaced Tarquin’s off-the-shelf carafe-style vessels with a custom model. Keeping the distinctive wax seal, we’ve crafted a sleeker, more streamlined bottle, with a wider spout and more rounded base. Southwestern Distillery’s puffin emblem has been redrawn and embossed onto the glass, with a suggestion of waves below the hand-signed label, and the entire bottle has an acid-etched finish as a nod to the magic of seaglass found on the seashore. This is a classic case of building a deeper sense of connection between the customer and the brand, who, thanks to our bespoke bottle and attention to detail, now feel part of the Tarquin story and invited into the maritime world of this coastal gin gem.

Yeghes Da!

Buddy have been absolutely fantastic to work with over the past five years! With an infectious enthusiasm and passion for their craft.
Tarquin Leadbetter, Founder, Southerwestern Distillery
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