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Eco Union

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Eco Union are making a big splash in the decorating industry, getting everyone to up tools and take eco action. As environmental evangelists they are forging a way for professionals and DIYers alike to start painting with the planet in mind. Their innovative range of eco-friendly tools help to preserve the world’s resources while offering top quality products that deliver the very best finish. Using recycled, sustainable and waste materials, their products are built to last and – best of all – improve with every use. We really wanted to capture this market difference of doing great work on walls and in the world. It felt like a brand on a mission and we were on a mission to reflect that.

We set to work, splashing around in the paint pots to get some creative flair flowing until we hit on the final idea: mission anti-greenwash. Eco Union now looks as good on the outside as they are on the inside. We stripped things back and dialled up their hands-on approach, celebrating their position as expert industry insiders who believe in actively painting the world better. By doing so we’ve been able to intensify the connection and increase loyalty with their customers who care about doing the best job with the best outcome for paint, people and planet. 

We came to Buddy with problems. We needed to appeal to a decorator, and a DIY-er. We needed to be 'Eco', but not a brown Kraft and organic green cliche. We needed to look established, but also fresh. The design that the guys at Buddy came up with has ticked all our boxes and more. We've a design that sits beautifully on our packaging, but also works through social and digital. We've got a brand to build on because it tells a story about who we are, but more importantly, what we're about. Very happy clients.
Joel Buckley, Director, Eco Union
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