Crafting Brands to Build Stronger Bonds

As it says on our homepage we work with brands to build stronger bonds, but what does this truly mean, and how can this philosophy be harnessed to enrich your brand and communications, fostering profound connections with your target demographic?

What is a bond?

A bond, in essence, signifies a connection where a piece of communication is consciously welcomed into the mind, lingering there with lasting recall value. It activates the mind, sparking an engaging dialogue with the communication rather than passive absorption.

For brand custodians, the strength of the bond between a brand or product and its consumers directly correlates with the depth of connection they share. This endeavour of creating connections transcends disciplinary boundaries; It permeates through advertising, identity design, tone-of-voice, brand naming, taglines, spatial design, structural composition, even architectural concepts. When executed effectively, it becomes a potent tool for cutting through the cacophony of our overstimulated world.

Consider iconic instances such as the ‘hidden arrow’ subtly embedded within the FedEx logo or the unforgettable Nike tagline. These exemplify how brands can craft specific communications that etch memorable bonds in the psyche of consumers, enduring long after the initial encounter.

Nike ‘Just Do It’ by Wieden+Kennedy, 1988

Crafting connections

These bonds can evoke thought or stir emotions. At Buddy, we’ve evolved our strategy and briefing processes to encompass a “Design Essence” — the core communication message — and a “Brand Essence” — the emotional connection we aim to evoke. These connections often demand cognitive engagement, rewarding audiences with the satisfaction of comprehension or the joy of discovery. Sometimes they make a bold statement, like the tire-tread patterns on our Butter Bike label designs, while at other times, they resonate on a subtler, emotionally resonant level, like the ‘sea-glass’ finish of our Tarquin’s Gin bottle and glassware designs.

Crucially, these concepts must be pertinent, evoking a connection that crystallises into a brand message or communication in the consumer’s mind. For instance, the ‘free-range’ illustrations on our Roam & Relish packaging speak volumes about the high animal welfare standards of the charcuterie business and brand.

No walk in the park

At Buddy, we tackle communication obstacles with a mission to forge or fortify the connections between the brand and its audience. Crafting ideas to achieve this isn’t a walk in the park; it demands a considerable amount of mental effort and dedication. Yet, this is what sets apart mere “wallpaper” design – easily created and easily forgotten – from designs that truly resonate and leave a lasting impression in our minds.

Ultimately, when a design encapsulates a key brand message and invites the audience to decipher it, the groundwork is laid for a lasting bond to be forged.

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