Farm-to-Studio-to-Table, Growing Organic Brands

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be based here in Devon, where we are surrounded by rolling hills, coastal cliffs, and of course, lush farms. The landscape is just a few minutes’ walk from our office, and it serves as a constant reminder of the beautiful simplicity of nature. Carrying this forward is especially important for organic, farm-based brands, which need designs that communicate this clearly and beautifully.

Starting at the roots

As more people are paying attention to where their food comes from, the organic category is seeing continued growth with a valuation of £3 billion in 2021 alone. Many brands try to capitalise on this through false claims of sustainability, which makes it even more difficult for true organic brands to shine through.

Telling a story that emphasises organic origins connects brand values with the product. When designing for brands that embrace organic farming, we start at the roots. We first get to know the people behind the scenes, discovering what makes them tick. We pick up on their innovations to single-out what makes them a cut above the rest, then dig deep into their identity to ideate a design that works for them.

A different type of R&R

Several organic brands are decades ahead of farming, herding, and flavour standards. As they continue to push the envelope, we aim high to deliver brand images that resonate. Roam & Relish, by Eversfield Organic, combines premium quality meats with high standards of animal welfare to craft an industry shakeup: British-origin charcuterie. Combining cultured typography with the hindquarters of happy animals connotes free-range livestock and a premium product which sets itself apart from continental brands which dominate the market.

Nature for nurturing

It’s undeniable that nature is crucial for many of these brands and their founders. Eversfield Organic approached us seeking to revamp their pack to emulate the family’s love of the outdoors. Fun, colourful illustrations put the customer straight into a pair of well-loved Wellies, with visions of strolling through sunny fields and gazing at happy animals. Connecting emotional goodness tells a story that resonates.

Defending a legacy

Organic brands with a legacy can use design to declare this with confidence. Sharpham Dairy, a Devon-based dairy farm, commissioned us for a rebranding initiative after celebrating a landmark 40 years in production. The goal: cement a brand image that matched the milestone. A new, striking logo, rooted in the natural landscape, demonstrated a revere for nature while maintaining playfulness through a cheerful colour palette across a range of products.

Design is the envoy from farm to studio to table.

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