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Nutcessity is a range of premium tree nut butters born out of necessity, as the brand’s founder has an allergy to peanuts. We always begin our design projects by digging deeper to fully understand the specific market contexts and challenges for the brand so, with this in mind, we wanted to disrupt the idea of allergen free food as less than and restrictive and instead create desire and make it feel as premium as the product itself. The butters are 100% organic and contain only a small soupçon of essential ingredients, so they’re all about healthy eating, sustainability and great, unadulterated taste first and foremost.

We played around with quality cues and came to a pared back yet deliciously arresting idea. Our visual identity and packaging positions Nutcessity as a pure, desirable luxury. It’s clean, confident and stripped back to the essentials, just like what’s inside the jar. In a market that’s exploding, the range looks striking and different enough to cut through the peanut clutter and connect with the tree nut lover in us all.

Buddy recently upgraded our packaging - showing empathy, creativity and professionalism every step of the way. They 'got' me and my brief very quickly. The whole process felt like a really nice balance between keeping things simple and focusing on detail where necessary. I consider this project as the first stage of a great working relationship with Buddy.
Mike Duckworth, Director, Nutcessity
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